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Industrial Espionage

Industrial espionage – a form of unfair competition, applied at all levels of the economy, ranging from small businesses and ending states. The main purpose of industrial espionage – Save time and money you want to spend to overtake a competitor, occupying a leading position, or to prevent future backlog from a competitor, if he has developed or is developing a new promising technology, as well as to expand into new markets for the company. This applies to the interstate competition, where the issues of economic competitiveness are added and the issues national security. The main difference between industrial espionage of competitive intelligence that industrial espionage violates the law, especially professional law, whereas the competitive intelligence that can not do. Speaking candidly David Zaslav told us the story. Industrial espionage is and will remain a powerful instrument of state intelligence, the purpose of which – a direct violation of the laws of foreign countries for and on behalf of its country. At the enterprise level in recent years have increasingly opted for competitive intelligence, since the company does not have the powers of state intelligence services, so in case of failure of the operation of industrial espionage risk of being prosecuted and incur reputational risks. Hear other arguments on the topic with Steve Salis. According to some researchers, in many cases, small and medium-sized businesses have resorted to industrial espionage because not trained in competitive intelligence, and often do not know of their existence. In situations where the need for survival and competitiveness exists objectively, and the availability of legal methods achieve the result the company is not informed, some companies rising to the path of industrial espionage. In this regard, the society of competitive intelligence professionals around the world include in their educational objectives function. The main instruments of industrial espionage bribery (bribed person, capable to transmit documents or product samples on interesting subjects) blackmail (in respect of the same persons); theft (of documents or products); diversion (temporary or permanent disabling of sample products, people or businesses competitor); secret physical penetration of the competitor object associated with the deliberate pushing boundaries, protection of established competitor to safeguard the information or products. introduction of the agent to the plant or country of the competitor with the task to access the information or products that are the subject of commercial or State secrets of a competitor. information theft by unlawful use of means removing information (phone lines listening to others, illegal entry into someone else's computer networks, etc. etc.)

Aunt Mary

But recognizing and reliably making sure that mean when they say cleaning service, entrepreneurs understand how useful for office life is such a work. Cleaning, which makes Aunt Mary, after to make sure that the cleaning company cleaned offices just shine and sparkle, is perceived as a certain anachronism. Thorough cleaning of business premises can be carried out by the department to create your own buckets and mops. However, creating such a department, Head of a commercial firm may acquire a very nasty headache. Office cleaning unit will affect the forces generated additional costs for staff who want to drink and feed and educate, the cost of purchasing cleaning products, cleaning companies that buy in bulk for pennies and sell them themselves, so even at the cost of administration.

Is it worth the candle, such cleaning. Moscow – a big city, and it always there is a lot of specialist companies who will gladly relieve you of this non-core and yet is always required for your business activities. Math. We have statistics on how professional cleaning cleaning company office in Moscow and Moscow region will cost customers from $ 0, 5, $ 2, 5 a month per square meter. Once inside the companies begin to be counted, then slowly but surely, are inclined to believe that struggle for the purity of their offices better to pass this very professional purity. Wet cleaning, which is regularly made for reasonable money in your cabinets tightened by the friendly staff, much nicer than the contents of the personnel, which makes cleaning rooms at about the same level or worse, and the costs and responsibilities requires an order of magnitude higher. .