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THE HERMIT The Hermit is the guardian of the time. He is the wise person who offers secured wisdom and the truth in the eternity of the knowledge of the past. Right: The immediate interpretation of the hermit is the one of the wisdom, the prudence and the search of the knowledge, a letter like this is flattering like indication that the way of the knowledge is good, whenever this is not erratic, that is to say that we know to direct our passages by the suitable place. Perhaps in some cases it also presents/displays a lost one of lack of course, due to the connotations of solitude that shows the arcane one, in the solitude anxiety hides the fear to the reality. This letter shows a tendency to be satisfied to the own one to know, without counting on the intention to use that knowledge for something positive, something practical. Key words: The Pilgrim Prudence, wisdom, patience, silence, spiritual advance, divine inspiration, caution. Retirement of the world, solitude.

Pilgrimage. It can be a teacher. The accomplishment of a balance and to progress. Invested: Tendency to thoughtlessness to the imprudence, to the avarice, certain misanthropy, the inverse potion hermit sample in addition immaturity, a confidence in unwarranted itself that only can contribute failures. Key words: Immaturity, vices, the dark, stubborness, treason, deceit. Misanthropy, misoginia, celibacy. Timid and excessively antisocial person.

Hidden enemies. Prudence that exceeds or that lacks. Interpretations: In concrete it: Prudence and discretion. To receive the wisdom of above implies to ask for instruction of a specialist in the required field. In work: It is recommended not to take neither decisions nor initiatives in this period. In money: There is economic austerity, but more is not sought. In friendship: Greater mutual understanding in the relations and mental collaboration. In family: The S-state absent still being in the presence of its dear beings. In health: To take care of the extremities inferiors. In love: Spacing of a relation that is lived like difficult.