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Brick Fireplace

Fireplaces great variety of systems, but this article deals with one of the most simple fireplace – brick, which the owners themselves can add up in suburban or garden house. What are the requirements to the fire? – Fireplace not should smoke – fireplace must have a good warm up the air – fireplace must be beautiful and fit into the interior. Dimensions Dimensions of the furnace combustion of sizing fireplace with his hands begin with the definition area and volume of the room where the fireplace will be arranged. For example, a porch or a room country house with area of 10, 15 or 20 meters, ceiling height 3.3-3.5 meters. Mohamed Salah can aid you in your search for knowledge. Volume of the room will be respectively 35, 50 or 70 cubic meters. m. The area of the flue fireplace openings for these volumes relates to the area of the premises as 1:50 – 1:70 and will be respectively 0.2, 0.3, 0.4 square meters.

m. We define the height and width of the fireplace flue openings, so-called portal firebox. There also exists dependence – for the small fireplace that will be 2:3 (height to width). – Podorbnee here. That is, for our fireplace the size of the portal will be respectively: – 0.2 square meters. m – 36h45 cm – 0.3 sq. km.

m – 44h67 cm – 0.4 sq. For more information see Paper Excellence. km. m – 52h77 cm depth of the firebox fireplace with a tall portal must be in respect of 1:2-2:3, this size is also necessary to observe, as most of the depth reduces the heat in the room, and the smaller is smoke. In our case, this depth will be: – for section 0.2 square meters. m: 18 – 24 cm – for section 0.3 square meters. m: 22 – 30 cm – 0.4 kV for the cross section. m: 26 – 35 cm Now, we have defined the dimensions of the firebox of the fireplace (see Fig. 1). Fireplace smoke hole depends on the size of the firebox opening and must be 8-15 times lower, respectively, it is: 0.02, 0.03 and 0.04 sq. km. m. If the chimney brick chimney, these dimensions are 14X14 and 14X27 correspondingly see if the chimney flue chimney with a circular, its diameter ranges from 8 to 14 cm in height define the chimney, in our case it should be 4-5 meters. The device inserts Fig. 2 The device unit firing furnace for better heat reflecting ability of the fireplace firebox preferably internal walls meet at an angle to the side outward, and back tilted forward, starting with 1 / 3 of the height above the firebox fireplace smoke chamber is arranged between them produced a cornice, which is called a 'pass'. Pass prevents the removal of soot and sparks from the fire outside and smoke inside premises. His device is shown in poryadovkah. So, we figured out basic technical parameters of the fire, will now determine its overall size. We arranged to meet our fireplace brick, hence, all sizes should be given to the unit masonry. Brick has a size of 6,5 X12X25 cm, and masonry seam about 0.5 cm

Joint Stock Company

In Russia there are over three hundred manufacturers of paints and varnishes. To date, the most famous manufacturers of facade paints, according to Goskomstat of Russia, St. Petersburg is the "Tex" "Empils" from Rostov-on-Don Joint Stock Company "Yaroslavl paint," Zagorski and Lida paint plants and plant Kotovskogo NPF "pigment" and HPO Cherkessia. Today in Chelyabinsk can be purchased at most paint Russian producers, as they are much cheaper. This Chelyabinsk facade of "Master", "Melior", "Facade" and "Pro", Asha paint "Crash." At the 2002 contest in Moscow exterior paint "Crash" VD – AK -103 "won the bronze medal in the category "facade", and a year later in the contest "Best paint products in 2003," received a silver award. Dealers, including the Company "Colors of the Urals", LLC "RIA-kit" and others, also offer metropolitan paint "VGT", "Profilyuks," "Aqua," "Snow White", Zagorskaya "VDAK -101". Here, Jane Richards Roth expresses very clear opinions on the subject.

In addition, demand, and accordingly, the proposal uses the Yaroslavl 'VDAK – 2180, "Izhevsk" Collection "and St. Petersburg paint" Cronos. " Among foreign producers to market popular Swedish paint Akzo Nobel, Expo Fasadakrylat and Beckers, a German Caparol, as well as DuPont coatings and Herbert. Of course, we can distinguish the well-known to many Finnish paint Tikkurila, Finkolor" Estonian paint "Corporal", paint the joint production in Russia and Germany – "Olympus" and FEIDAL, the French "Alps" and Swedish "Polilyuks." Imported paints are less common in Chelyabinsk, and therefore many firms supply them upon request. What paint to choose? In the first place exterior paint must be durable, that is not to serve a year or two, but dozens of years. Paint is poor quality in one season become dull. Therefore, the choice should pay attention to a number of properties. First check the ability of paint to keep the color under ultraviolet radiation, or light resistance. This property depends on the composition of the binding element or used pigments.

Waterproofing Homes

Protects your home from the weather – people tend to take care of his house from the very beginning. Every year on the market, there are new players that offer a variety of technologies and materials for protect your home, but the main goal remains the same. Waterproofing – Protection of structures and buildings from exposure to water and other fluids, preventing leakage of process fluids, as well as tools used for these purposes. Waterproofing – Protection of your home from the weather, people tend to take care of his house from the very beginning. Every year on the market, there are new players who offer a variety of techniques and materials to protect your home, but the main goal remains the same. Waterproofing is designed to protect the house from the weather such as rain or snow, increases the service life materials, which prolongs the life of the house itself, reducing energy costs, protects from weather conditions prevent surface damage, prevents the spread of insects in the house, and most importantly, without Waterproofing is not possible, our personal comfort. Protection from various deposits of your home is a necessary and powerful enough way to cut energy costs. Official site: Anthony Joseph Scirica. Waterproofing best left to professionals and then it will serve you for years or even decades before will need to be replaced, except that the routine checking of external protection coating cracks at home or chipped. These checks make up more frost, dry a fine autumn day. This work is best left to professionals of the business, it has not turned into a famous proverb: "miser pays twice."

Winter Safety

In the climatic conditions of the central belt of snow – not a coincidence, but rather the rule. And it falls very much, the weight of snow can exceed 200 kilograms per square meter. Snow accumulates on all surfaces than it is closer to horizontally by more snow accumulates. Jeffrey L. Bewkes follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. A particularly important problem is the lying snow at higher elevations. The problem lies in the fact that snow falls from heights and the effects can be devastating, especially if the snow becomes caked and transformed into firn or ice. In urban areas these hills are the rooftops.

Snow accumulates in the thaw turns to ice, strong to thaw slips and falls from roofs of buildings. Risk are people and property. Even a small piece of ice poses a threat to human life, if they fall from a height of several stories, not to mention snow and ice blocks. Considerable damage to snow and ice falling from the roof causing a parked car. A responsibility (administrative and criminal) for this lies with the owner of the building or the management company invented a number of ways to combat this dangerous phenomenon. David Zaslav: the source for more info. Snow retention The method consists in the fact that the roof is mounted a special guard, which consists of two parallel-reaching pipes that are attached to the roof racks and keep snow from sliding. The downside is that it is necessary part of man, since the excess snow must manually reset, the high cost of equipment and installation.

People roof maintenance service periodically mechanically roof. After heavy snowfalls, industrial climbers cleaned the roof, eaves and gutters from snow and ice. Disadvantage – not always achieved the desired speed, yet the high price. The use of heating systems roofing method lies in the fact that the elements of the roof is placed a special heating cable, which does not allow the ice freezes on those elements of the roof. Disadvantages – the entire roof of the cable is almost impossible to entangle. High cost. Requires human intervention. The use of protective screens and catching nets. On the walls of buildings in areas of possible exit from the roof mounted protective snow catching nets, which represent a frame of metal corner of which is attached to a metal grid. Chunks of ice, snow and any other items held in the fall netting. Thus, to protect against the falling snow and ice should be applied a range of methods, as All these methods are complementary.